1L BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
1L BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
1L BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
1L BDÉT Foam Wash Refill

1L BDÉT Foam Wash Refill

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Scent: Valencia Orange

We are excited to launch the new BDÉT Upsized Range! Equals 2000 wet wipes!

Your home, staff, or clients will enjoy the everyday freshness and hygiene of BDÉT without ever running out.

You simply fill the BDÉT Foam Wash into the BDÉT Dispenser. Then pump onto toilet paper and wipe.


BDÉT Foam Wash turns ordinary toilet paper into a luxurious and gentle, hygienic combination.

***Best to use with BDÉT Wall Dispenser.

Never run out of BDÉT again!

No more wet wipes down the loo causing major blockages, costing tax payers and you thousands of dollars each year.


Wet wipes are also an ecological nightmare, polluting waterways and oceans, killing innocent marine life who mistaken wet wipes for jelly fish.


Swapping wet wipes for BDÉT means you're doing your bit for our environment and the health of our marine wildlife.


BDÉT Foam Wash is a convenient, cleansing care for your health while being safe to use on all skin types.


It's been Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive Skin and consists of 98.9% natural ingredients while being made here in Aotearoa New Zealand


So join the BDÉT Revolution and make a small change today that has a significant impact on our tomorrow!