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BDÉT is about Believing

by admin on Oct 04, 2020

BDÉT is about Believing
A friend I hadn’t seen for a while congratulated me on getting our product into Supermarkets. She was happy but also perplexed, asking how did you do it?

How did you know you wanted to do this? I looked at her and equally surprised said, I actually had no idea either? No idea? she repeated.

Really? She replied.

Truly, I never actually aimed for this I just knew there was something more for me, I just had this belief. On our parting goodbyes, I told her you never know exactly what the Universe will open up for you but all you need to do is believe...

You could see this sense of relief in her face, like the release of the top knob of a pressure cooker, an easing of the crows feet devoid of any botox.

We don’t always know where the journey is going to take us but you have to know you can’t stop creating those opportunities and pathways forward, I said to her as we hugged then said ka kite.

When I gave up my job as a journalist 3 years ago to pursue a desire with an unknown destiny, I did it because I didn’t want to play it safe anymore. Safety had limited my drive to dream. It was scary, boy was it scary but it’s given me a whole other perspective on life and a massive kete of knowledge to continue on with. It’s instilled my faith that surrounding yourself with people who love you, who believe in you, and support you no matter what is the impetus that keeps you striving with purpose and courage. It’s the reason why you silence that whining voice of doubt, and just simply BELIEVE.