1. What are the benefits of using BDÉT to clean my bottom?

BDÉT Foam Wash is an innovative personal hygiene product that provides a convenient and natural way to clean your bottom effectively after doing number twos. It leaves you feeling absolutely clean but just as importantly, it is eco-friendly, biodegradable and made from 98.9% natural ingredients. Unlike using water alone, BDÉT is more effective as it turns toilet paper into an effective cleanser to remove stubborn matter from your behind.

Using BDÉT Foam Wash eliminates the use of wet wipes which are an environmental hazard. Regular wet wipes are not biodegradable because they contain plastic material. While plant-based wet wipes are biodegradable, they still clog sewage systems and only decompose after a period of about 6 months.


2. Why is BDÉT Foam Wash better than wet wipes?

While BDÉT Foam Wash serves a similar purpose of personal hygiene as wet wipes, wet wipes are not environment-friendly. Some are manufactured using plastic materials which take hundreds of years to decompose and cause blockages in sewerage systems known as Fatbergs. Although organic wet wipes are biodegradable, they still clog sewerage systems because they don’t break up immediately after flushing down the way toilet paper does. Organic or “Flushable” wet wipes only decompose after a period of about 6 months or more despite Manufature Gruarantees that they break down in sewerage systems.

3. Do I need to rinse my bottom with plain water after using BDÉT Foam Wash?

The BDÉT Foam Wash provides a complete and convenient way to clean your bottom after doing number twos. You do not need to use water before or after using BDÉT applied to toilet paper. You only need to wipe your bottom clean first with toilet paper. Then apply two or three pumps of BDÉT Foam Wash on another piece of toilet paper and wipe your bottom again. The ultra-gentle and soft foam becomes a highly effective cleanser for your bottom. Also, it has natural scents that leaves you feeling and smelling fresh. It is also Dermatologically tested on Sensitive Skin so is gentle for all skin types, however cease using BDÉT if any allergic reaction occurs.


4. How is BDÉT Foam Wash used?

It is a natural hygiene product used for cleaning the bottom area after doing number twos. It is advisable to use it after you have wiped your bottom with toilet paper first. You then apply two pumps of The BDÉT Foam Wash on another piece of toilet paper and clean the bottom to remove any leftover fecal matter and feel absolutely clean and refreshed.


5. Do I still need BDÉT Foam Wash if I am using a bidet to clean my bottom?

You can most definitely use BDÉT Foam Wash in conjunction with using a bidet. You cannot effectively clean your bottom with just water alone, so BDÉT Foam Wash is the ideal companion when washing your bottom in this way. BDÉT Foam Wash is a gentle cleaning agent that helps to clean the bottom better than using just plain water only.


6. Can I use BDÉT to clean my bottom in the shower?

You can most certainly use BDÉT Foam Wash to additionally clean your bottom in the shower. BDÉT Foam Wash can also be used to clean your hands, underarms, other private parts and most parts on your body. It is an effective overall cleanser with or without water. But it’s original invention was for your bottom, but by all means use it on any other part of your body to cleanse and clean. We do.

7. Won’t BDÉT Foam Wash leave my skin feeling dry?

The BDÉT Foam Wash is made with a combination of ingredients that include oils that are natural moisturisers. Therefore, after cleaning yourself with BDÉT Foam Wash, your skin will be moisturised by the natural oils in the BDÉT Foam Wash and your skin will feel soft and clean. Prolonged use is best as you will notice your bottom area will feel softer and more moisturised.

8. How many scents of BDÉT Foam Wash do you have?

At the moment, our producut line has two scents of BDÉT Foam Wash, namely Newanewa and Pikopiko Foam Wash. Newanewa scent is a mix of soft notes reminiscent of freshly washed linen with aromatic hints of light woody Manuka oil. The Pikopiko scent has slight hints of native Silver Fern with bolder tones of tropical mango and freshly cut coconut.

9. Where can I buy BDÉT Foam Wash?

Click this link to see updated list of supermarket stores >> https://www.b-det.com/where-sold

10. Is BDÉT Foam Wash safe for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, indeed BDÉT is safe on people with sensitive skin. It is made with natural plant-based ingredients. However, it is advisable to apply a little on the upper part of your hand and monitor to see if there is any reactions. If none, then you can use it for cleaning after doing number twos. BDÉT has been Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive Skin at the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation, Milan, Italy.

11. Is BDÉT safe on infants and toddlers?

The BDÉT Foam Wash is made with 98.9% natural ingredients that are safe on baby’s skin. The 1.1% synthetic preservative is still certified to be used in natural products, so it is the highest quality alternative to a natural preservative. Use with toilet paper and it becomes a natural flushable baby wipe. However, to protect your baby from catching any infections from other family members, we recommend that baby has their own special bottle of BDÉT Foam Wash. BDET is also dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, so it is gentle for use on babies and toddlers too.

12. Is BDÉT safe for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, the BDÉT Foam Wash is plant-based and has no animal-based ingredients.

13. Can the same bottle of BDÉT Foam wash be shared by members of the same family?

Because the immune system of children is weaker than adults, it is advisable to have separate bottles for younger members of the family who are 5 years and below. Also, each member may need a bottle in their bag for personal hygiene when they are not at home.

14. Is BDÉT Foam wash expensive?

BDÉT Foam Wash is affordable because you only use small amounts after doing number twos. Only two pumps are enough every time you do a number two, but of course you can use more according to your needs. Included in the Personal Hygiene Set is a compact size of Room Perfume spray for your convenience to spray the toilet bowl and room when departing the lavatory.

15. Can ladies use BDÉT Foam Wash to clean their vaginal area?

The inventor of BDÉT Foam Wash designed BDÉT for removing faecal solid matter. However, it can also be used for the vaginal area as the natural and ultra-gentle formula means it can also be used on the front region. However, discontinue if you experience any allergic reactions.

16. What are the ingredients in the BDÉT Foam Wash?

Water, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Fragrance, Benzyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Limonene, Linalool.