250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill
250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill

250ml BDÉT Foam Wash Refill

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Scents: Pikopiko

Our refills are now 100% bigger! We have doubled the size from 125ml to 250mls!

What is BDÉT Foam Wash

BDÉT Foam Wash turns ordinary toilet paper into a cleansing hygienic wipe. Made in New Zealand from mostly natural ingredients, BDÉT Foam Wash is the perfect replacement for wet wipes or to simply enhance the performance of toilet paper. BDÉT has been tested by our largest Wastewater Treatment Provider, Watercare, and proves it is both sewer and septic safe.


How BDÉT Foam Wash is better than wet wipes

BDÉT Foam wash on toilet paper breaks down in the wastewater network system so it is safe to flush. Wet wipes are made from plastics so take around 100 years to break down, so they are a menace when mixed with fats as they clog pipes causing phenomenon called fatbergs. Fatbergs if big enough, need to be broken down with machinery and then get discarded in to landfill. They are an unnecesary pollutant when we have alternatives like BDÉT Foam Wash. Wet wipes also escape out the stormwater network into the oceans and are mistaken for food so subsequently block up in the stomachs of marine life, killing them in a slow painful death.



BDÉT Foam Wash has be scientifically formulated for all skin types and has been Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive Skin at the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation (ISPE) in Milan, Italy. So you can rest assured that BDÉT is safe and gentle on you and the environment. BDÉT is made from 98.9% natural ingredients in Auckland, New Zealand.



BDÉT is packaged in recyclable and reuseable bottle packaging and comes with the option of refill pouches to reuse your bottles. One 30ml bottle equals around 2.5 pkts of wet wipes (95), a 100ml bottle equals 5 pkts of wet wipes (200), and a 250ml Refill Pouch equals around 480 of wet wipes.



BDÉT is not only good for the earth and you it is also very affordable with a 30ml bottle lasting a person 4-6 weeks. A 100ml bottle will last a family of 6 around 4 - 6 weeks or an individual around 3 months. BDÉT is priced at the same value as your premium flushable wipes, so the consumer is not paying anymore for all its positive qualities.



I came up with the idea of BDÉT over two decades ago, purely out of the need to feel clean. Over the years I improved the formula and then engaged with a Laboratory to make the formula we have today. I wanted to produce BDÉT so that everyone could afford to use it while making a difference to our planet. The problem wet wipes are causing globally is phenomenal and we cannot continue to wreak so much havoc on our very fragile ecosystem. If we can do our bit to save the earth from more damaging single-use plastics then we have done our small part to provide a better world for our kids and grandkids. Why look for other planets to inhabit when we live on the best rock in the Universe.

BDÉT Founder/Creator - Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha


How to Use

Pump BDÉT Foam Wash onto toilet paper and wipe clean. Safe to use on all ages.

NB – discontinue if there is an allergic reaction to the skin.


250m Refill Pack 

The 250ml refill packs are an economical and handy pack to refill your bottles. The ultimate wet wipe alternative that's naturally good for you and our Earth. Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive skin, so it's safe to use on all ages, including babies. This is a great way to reuse your bottles and save on costs.

Disclaimer: The box says 100% but formula is now 98.9% due to the rare natural preservative being pulled from Supply as a result of the Covid Pandemic.