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The Number 1 biodegradable Wet Wipe!

by admin on Aug 25, 2019

The Number 1 biodegradable Wet Wipe!
When it comes to wet wipes, flushable is just not enough, what they should be doing is disintegrate shortly after being flushed down the toilet bowl.

Wet wipes have become trendy in bathroom culture across the globe taking the place or additional to traditional toilet paper. The matter is made worse when the wipes are marketed as being “flushable” but are simply not. They cause a problem in the sewerage pipes after being flushed and if they go through your local sewerage pipe successfully they can cause issues at the treatment plant. While some brands are labelled “flushable”, some write “septic safe”.

Unlike toilet paper which dissolves fast, wet wipes can take up to weeks or several months to break down. If they don’t break down and accumulate they form what are called fatbergs. The effect of fatbergs damage sewer infrastructure and cost millions of dollars to remove, and even then the removed wet wipes and debris is dumped into landfill.

So not only is it timely but a solution is needed and I’m proud to say we have one. The BDÉT Foam Wash, our company’s hero product, simply turns ordinary toilet paper into a natural flushable, moist wipe.

I came up with the concept 21 years ago and decided to make it when I saw the growing use of wet wipes for personal hygiene reasons.

I couldn’t believe the devastation wet wipes were causing and it wasn’t just here in New Zealand but all around the globe. I had a solution so decided to make it. Now we are about to move into the Supermarket and Pharmacy space and I think Kiwi Retailers know we have to think smarter about what we are using and also selling.

Countdown and Foodstuffs are coming on board and that just really shows the shift in consciousness around our plastics

consumption. I applaud them for being brave and taking us on, there is not a product like us in the market and so we can really change attitudes and habits for the good. It’s really exciting times, and who would have thought all those years ago, I’d be about to sell my simple concept to New Zealand and the World!