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The Kiwi Company that loves your butt

by admin on Sep 01, 2019

The Kiwi Company that loves your butt
It’s kind of crazy really when you think about personal hygiene and what’s available at our disposal, there’s everything from face cleansers in all sorts of lotions and gels, eye creams, to shampoo & conditioner for your hair, toothpaste for your teeth, feet creams in moisturisers and even talcum powders, you name it there’s a lotion or cleanser for every part of your body... well nearly.

Because ironically, the area that emits the most potent of bodily excretions actually doesn’t have any dedicated lotions or washes other than soap, paper or wet wipes, is your bottom.

When you actually think about this area and what comes out, a mere swiping of toilet paper really isn’t going to cut it, is it?

Aggressive wiping has been known to cause health problems such as anal fissures and haemorrhoids.

So I totally understand the growing need and regular habit that wet wipes (flushable or other) have become and the consumption figures worldwide are growing suggests people do know that cleaning with toilet paper alone just doesn’t cut it.

But therein lies the problem, wet wipes (flushable or other) aren’t actually flushable and Wastewater Experts warn that absolutely no wet wipes should be flushed down the loo at all. Just pee, poo and paper only people.

But when wet wipes are readily available for sale online and in supermarkets and you’re in the discretion of a lavatory, people will do what they have to do, despite warnings otherwise.

Worse still if you sadly suffer from incontinence, anal incontinence, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, skin fissures, IBS, and anal fissures, the need to fully clean is made even more essential for the fact that you carry one or some of these debilitating conditions.

Again I go back to the eye cream, yes your eyes have a special cream cleanser and moisturiser. But no, nothing for your butt.

Well until now, New Zealand.

That is why I created the BDÉT Foam Wash which simply turns ordinary toilet paper into a moist flushable wipe.

The soft clouds of 100% natural formula foam unleashes any debris caught up in the nooks and crannies of your nether region, while you’re sitting in the privacy of a lavatory.

Each soft wipe, gently removes any harshness away from the once dry tissue paper, turning it into a soft moist wipe. It’s quite unbelievable to think how we survived so long without it.

That’s why I’m excited to have launched a product that’s an absolute need for everyone basically with a backside. Babies, toddlers, young, old and everyone else in between.

It really is that product that everyone can use with confidence and ease. We have a range of bottle sizes to satisfy the different needs and demands that toilet habits require, with the 30ml pocket size & 100ml travel bottle currently for sale online. (

I came up with the idea of the BDÉT Foam Wash which was out of the need to feel clean back in 1997 and I’ve never looked back since.

It really is that product that once you try it you’ll wonder how you did so long without it!

So the next time you reach for those wet wipes or get ready to jump into the shower, or simply wipe with toilet paper only, think about BDÉT and the convenience of having your own communal or individual bottle for your personal hygiene needs.

For just $19.95 for a 30ml bottle of foam wash & 5ml bottle of French perfume Room Spray, you will delight in the convenience, cleanliness and confidence BDÉT will give you.

So don’t delay, start your new lavatory regime with BDÉT. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed or let down.

So get in behind a great Kiwi product and change the way you do your business forever!

We’re the Kiwi Company that simply loves your butt!


If you’re a business, we also have Industry Health and Safety packs designed for workers on remote locations or who travel afar. No one has thought about the toilet needs of workers, well we have your back.

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