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The real price of Water - NZ Government stricter regulations

by admin on Sep 05, 2019

The real price of Water - 
NZ Government stricter regulations
Today’s announcement by the Government signals the serious nature by which we need to look after our waterways and oceans.

For too long we have neglected to be responsible Kaitiaki of our wai, awa, puna, and moana. We have operated with reckless abandon, taking and polluting so that our generation reaps the rewards, while our children and their children, clean up the mess.

It’s not going to lie easy with many, but now is the best time to make serious future changes. We need to learn how to best look after our waterways from the confines of our homes, to our businesses, workplaces and beyond.

Yes we will have to unlearn many of our lazy habits, instill discipline and habitual processes so that incremental change leads to big life changing, sustainable practises.

An easy change just in your home or workplace is watching what you flush down the toilet. Do not treat your loo as if it were a rubbish bin, it’s simply not designed as such. So don’t flush sanitary pads, tampons, cottonbuds, wet wipes, makeup wipes or underwear down the dunny. Yes items of clothing are being pulled from wastewater plants.

The message is flush only the 3 Ps down the loo - Pee, Poos, and Paper. So wet wipes are a definite No-No even if they say Flushable, they simply are not!

The 100% natural formula is ultra-gentle and soft on the skin. No more harsh wiping, it’s just smooth on the skin. So do your bit to reduce plastics and pollution in the environment by introducing BDÉT to your regular routine.

It just takes small changes to implement good habits for our future Generations!

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