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War on Wet Wipes - the solution is nigh

by admin on Sep 05, 2019

War on Wet Wipes - the solution is nigh
The evidence is clear, the problem with wet wipes being flushed down toilet systems is growing and it’s not just here in Aotearoa. From the UK, New York, London, Mallorca, Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne, Spain, India, Auckland, the problem is widespread and it’s creating huge problems in our sewers and the environment.

So what can be done about?

We suggest a national campaign on the benefits and use of our product the BDÉT Foam Wash. People using wet wipes and flushing them down the toilet, are using them to wipe their bums and fronts, it’s clear that people want a better clean than just using ordinary toilet paper. And we get it! That’s why the BDÉT Foam Wash was created 22 years ago, out of the need to feel clean after going to the loo.

So why not trial a small suburb like Millwater in Auckland, who have E/One Grinders installed under their homes to process wastewater before it goes into the Watercare main sewerage system.

Anything like wet wipes, feminine pads or cotton buds, shutdown the Grinder and alerts a piercing bell sound, telling the owner they’ve got items in the Grinder that’s blocking it up.

Once you’ve got one of these systems you learn pretty quickly what can and can’t be put down the toilet. Plus no resident wants to pay regular call out fees to get the contraption cleared out.

So we have a prime opportunity to test an education plan of rolling out BDÉT into areas like Millwater to rid their toilet woes of blockages and call outs.

The success of this campaign can be rolled out across New Zealand, to stop the flushing of wet wipes and millions of them ending up at Waste Water Treatment plants each year.

We have a prime opportunity to be leaders in this space, and move quickly to clean up Aotearoa and the World. The best thing about BDÉT is it’s 100% natural, convenient and of course turns toilet paper into a luxurious cleaning wipe.

Let‘s show the World we can be leaders in the Personal Hygiene space while doing our bit to clean up the sewerage system. The time is right to see change innovation take the fore, we have a solution Aotearoa let’s get in behind a Number 8 Kiwi Wire creation and make a difference now.